I am really impressed with this technique and have made great progress on a chronic problem.  It was very interesting to integrate thoughts, feelings, physical sensations in this way to work through the problem and help my mind and body communicate better.  I have found increased clarity regarding this issue, also. I highly recommend your work and this process!  You were very supportive and guided the work in a very gentle way!  I was looking forward to another session and in the 2nd session, the work went deeper and brought me further ahead.  I had maintained benefits from the first session in the weeks since receiving it.  I really can feel my body processing information and am able to realize so much information about the origins of the issues.

The way we worked together, with very supportive, gentle guidance, I learned ways that I feel will be very lasting in how to work with events, experiences and situations in my life as they happen, as well.  The session had somewhat of a hypnotic effect in assisting to reprocess stimuli in an entirely different and relaxing way.  I believe that this will be long-lasting and very helpful with these very deep issues from long ago, changing the way I react now to events in my life in a more effective way. I highly recommend this work to reprocess old issues differently!

Andrea Beaudoin

I just had a NOW Technique session and left feeling peaceful, centered, grounded and uplifted.

Vincenzo’s gentle voice lead me through body, feelings and thoughts, and kept bringing me back to NOW, NOW, NOW … and then onward to the next layer to be peeled and released.  Thank you for the gift of this session, and of your presence.

Love and blessings,
Dr. Stephen Marcus
Founder, mbono.net onearth.net

I was so blessed to experience a session of  The Now Technique  the other day and wanted to share how powerful it was and how very balancing. I loved the gentleness and ease of the process and how it brought up images and connections which were ready to be brought into awareness and how that restored a deeper feeling of peace. The Now Technique is a wonderful way to instantly release old limitations and restore balance in all levels of your being.


Dr. Tina Van Leuven

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to experience a NOW Technique session. This is a very kind and tender approach to dealing with deep consciousness issues. The first concern was to give me a safe place to return to as we delved into the layers of my emotional, physical, and mental feelings surrounding the issue I had chosen to work through. I felt safe and protected at all times. I came away from the session feeling such peace and love filling my heart and my mind and my soul…feeling one with Source.

I would encourage everyone to setup a NOW technique session. It’s an experience you will always remember.

With Much Gratitude in my Heart,
Terry Dunn Nelson

As many of you know, it is infrequent that I am without words but this morning I experienced The NOW Technique. To say that there was a shift in my consciousness would definitely be an understatement. In just a few short moments something that I have worked on for years seemed to dissolve within me.

I have spent much of the day in total calmness and bliss from our appointment! Yippy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, light and support in my healing process!

I honor the source that moves through you!

Malathy Drew

In my life I have explored many healing journeys. Both in deep need of solving my inner questions, and finding relief from my emotional and physical pain. My drive has also been to search for something to relieve others’ pain, as it was impossible for me to separate the two.

In the past I have not been interested in breath work, but I have noticed at times in healing practices that my breath would open up spontaneously. This would give me the deep sense of connection that I was longing for.

In moving gently between my physical sensations, keeping attention on how I truly feel in my heart, and how my thoughts connect with this, the breath takes space within me, guides me and surprises me with its life giving depth. Over and over again I experience this with the Now Technique. It leaves my heart open and life flowing through it.

Thank you Vincenzo for your relentless research and investigation into all-connectedness.

Barbro Grindheim
Co-founder, thenowtechnique.com

Be Here NOW – with The Now Technique

On Friday I had a wonderful session and experienced The NOW Technique. We worked on the anxiety I have been feeling for my 88 year old mother’s pain and deteriorating health, and my resistance to her fading memory and interest in life. Like many great healing techniques, NOW created a space where I could reconnect my mind, body and spirit and remember what I already know. With gentle guidance, I was reminded that I can’t keep my mother from her experience. I can only love her through it. And even after I can no longer access her on a mind level, our hearts will remain connected. I am now less focused on the responsibility aspect and more on the love (which I feel is my main responsibility in her process of transition). I believe my mother is also noticing the difference. No matter how many years we spend learning some things, sometimes we need a little refresher course. I am so grateful to you for offering me this gift when I needed it.

Lakshmi Collins
Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Yesterday I had a wonderful Now Technique session with Vincenzo Santiglia. I didn’t have a major life issue to work on so I choose to focus on my often non-spiritual reactions to politics. He led me through a process of observing my thoughts, images and emotions while connecting the breath. Over time I found my breathing went from broken to smooth as silk. I ended with an image of a 2-sided coin where one side was screaming “No!!!” (in reaction to political interactions) and the other was uncontrollably laughing at the universal absurdity & meaningless of it all. It was like the melding of 2 sides of me, allowing both to co-exist and interact with each other. More outwardly, I experienced a calmness and wholeness.

I would recommend you take advantage of The Now Technique sessions for 2 reasons. 1) The process is a unique experience that appears to have an strong emotional healing capacity, and 2) You will work with such great and loving souls. Interactions with people like this are rare. Don’t miss your opportunity.

Umapati Collins
Jyotish consultant

Spending some NOW with TNT

I recently had the Divine pleasure of spending some time with Vincenzo and being the recipient of his experiential process of The NOW Technique. If you haven’t met Vincenzo I would highly recommend you connect with him and experience his NOW technique and I can assure you, you will benefit from spending some time in the company of a very gracious man.

Dear Vincenzo, It was a great honour for me to have met you and connected.

Sue Batt
Reiki master-Certified Healing Touch-mentor/counselor

On Friday, I had an appointment scheduled  to experience The NOW technique. And as you can imagine, it came at the perfect time because something had come along that was upsetting that day.

My facilitator may have been a bit surprised to find that as he began to walk me through the NOW process I felt overwhelmed and felt I was dealing with not just this lifetime but with several past lifetimes.

His kindness, composure and compassion were so reassuring that it made it easy to continue following his guidance even though I was experiencing deep emotional releases.

After the session, he explained that our session was rather unique since we dealt with past lives and not just the present one. Fortunately, the NOW technique definitely helped me release the emotional charge that had been brought to the surface by this current situation that was going on in my life.

Needless to say, I immediately asked him when I could sign up to learn The NOW technique so I could incorporate it into my repertoire of healing modalities.

I highly recommend The NOW technique if you want to shed anything that may be upsetting or bothering you.
In love, light and gratitude,

Jeannie Whyte
Spiritual Life Coach/Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

I had the pleasure of working with Vincenzo last week. It has set into motion, well, something that I have been avoiding for quite sometime now.

In this career path I have had the distinct honor of assisting many people along the way. It has brought sometimes great sorrow, yet most of the time it has brought great joy.

The one that I have really had a time with has happened in the past couple of years. On Friday, we had our appointment. At that time I had no clue the chain of events that it would trigger, yet trigger it did. We somehow, which of course I cannot tell you just how, ended up talking about my Mothers death. Not in too much detail, just mostly some of the feelings that were stuck. Gently he guided me to release many of these feelings, it was a blessing.

Thank you for bringing this to the surface the depth of the love that I feel for my Mom, for the time and compassion that you carry as a part of who you are in assisting others to heal. For holding the space to make it possible to bring this into light.

I would highly recommend The NOW Technique.

Divine Blessings,
Debbie Cavette

I had a session a couple days ago and this work addresses emotional, physical, mental and spiritual which is a great combination for clearing. Vincenzo is also very heart-centered.

His work is very experiential and if you haven’t yet experienced his work you might want to schedule a session.


Colette Feinberg

The NOW Technique

You HAVE to experience this technique. It is all about the latest in brain science and then utilizing breath work to integrate… well it’s just too complicated for me to explain here but trust me you must experience this new technology!!

It is brilliant and profound.


Dr. Roxanne Schreiber

“Ever since I have had the opportunity to work with The Now Technique, I have been able to experience how important presence is, in healing our patterns and in assisting our own evolution. The ability to hold the space for wholeness to come through is incredible. During a consultation, full focus and attention is placed on each element as it comes to ones awareness to be released. If I was going to describe the technique to someone, I would say it is a process of complete acknowledgment of everything in the body, without any neglect.

The need for everything to be faster in this day and age is understandable; however from my point of view, faster it’s not always better, if it leads to short-term or half-done healings.  The Now Technique is not slow by any means, but absolutely no pressure is put on the healing to be finished before there is closure to what is being looked at. I will forever feel indebted to his kindness and support and for coming into contact with The Now Technique and Vincenzo.”

Oliver Cooper

“Boy does the NOW technique kick your butt! Thanks for a great session today.

I watched the end of The Last Station tonight and cried for an hour. This NOW stuff works!”

Terry O´Connell

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