The Team

is the founder of the Now Technique. He spent many years studying yoga and Advaita Vedanta (the philosophy of non-duality), developing a spirit of openness for all spiritual traditions and the appreciation of beauty in all its expressions. He speaks to us from the union of body, heart, and mind, that place of flow and presence in which we feel our being as a harmonious whole.

A gifted teacher and powerful presence, Vincenzo offers his own body, mind, and heart in the service of enlivening this openness and Presence in all of us. He shares his gifts with people around the world, helping them to heal splits within themselves and achieve peace and a free flowing connection to their lives and their world.

Vincenzo loves to cook, as do most of the males in his Sicilian extended family.

has worked with Vincenzo for many years to refine and communicate the Now Technique to a variety of audiences. She brings to TNT an open heart as well as a taste for precision, skill as an event planner, and understanding of many cultures. Her aesthetics and her graciousness add quality to all our processes.

Barbro was exposed at a young age to natural medicine by her mother, a teacher and one of the first classical homeopaths in Norway. She is herself educated in homeopathy and brings a deep understanding of and respect for the healing power of awareness and a passion for promoting well-being through food and health-giving daily habits.

ricardo_teamJose Ricardo
is a facilitator and teacher of the Now Technique. He brings forty plus years of meditation, information technology skills, human resources experience, and an action mentality together to galvanize us into doing what needs to be done. A student of philosopher Ken Wilber, he has an integral life practice of physical, psychological, spiritual, and cognitive development.

Jose trained as an industrial engineer, served as abbot of an ashram (where he spent eight years), and played professional basketball for Colombia (the country). Lately he has discovered his passion for cooking.

is a facilitator, teacher, researcher, and course designer for TNT. During his thirty-year career as a clinical psychologist, he has developed skills in performance enhancement, trauma, employer-employee relationships, stress management training, pain management, sports performance, crisis resolution, PTSD and psychological assessment.

Dan has taught thousands of people how to relax, reduce their stress, and release the emotions that prevent them from realizing and putting into action their true potential. He has also produced two CDs: Fearless Flying and Relaxation for Those In a Hurry. Dan’s focus throughout has been on deep inner freedom and awakening, and how to attain it.

As “cat whisperer,” to his beloved Tenille, Dan holds the enviable distinction of getting a cat to respond to voice commands.

is a facilitator of the technique and editor and writer of many of our materials. A professor at DePaul University and founder and director of the Chronic Illness Initiative, she brings knowledge of program design, educational design, and teaching to our team. She has been a mediator, a triathlete, and a wannabe musician, and like Jose, follows an integral life practice of physical, psychological, meditative, and cognitive development.

Lynn has four degrees, including a law degree and a Ph.D. in conflict management and transpersonal psychology, but her greatest learning has been as longterm caregiver for her severely ill son.